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Severity not set correctly for Cloud Email Service incidents


Article ID: 170477


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Data Loss Prevention Cloud Service for Email Data Loss Prevention Cloud Package


Incidents are marked as HIGH severity when policy uses an AND condition in the policy, changing expected severity from INFO, LOW, or MEDIUM

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a policy with at least one compound rule condition (keyword AND DI; EDM AND keyword; etc.)
  2. Set default severity to 'medium'.
  3. Add severity condition to set severity to 'High' when match count is greater than or equals '10'
  4. Add a response rule which executes only if the severity is 'High'.

Note that the issue can prevent many Response Rules from being applied correctly.


DLP Cloud Service


Cause of the issue is that the compound condition causes the settings for severities to drop out from the incident summary, defaulting to the HIGH severity.


Upgrade to 15.1 MP1 or higher.