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EDPA.exe high CPU process when enabled with NetDocuments Outlook Plugin


Article ID: 170469


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Data Loss Prevention Endpoint Prevent


This is caused by a consistent number of scans on files that are going to the NetDocuments Server. These can be seen in the agent logs as DIM events.


The NetDocuments server should not be monitored. Follow these steps to filter out the NetDocuments server.
1. Go to System > Agents > Agent Configuration
2. Edit the application configuration
3. Add an ip filter for the NetDocuemtns Server. Exmaple:
Note that +,*,* should always be included unless you want to only monitor specific traffic. See "Filter by Network Properties settings" in the admin guide for more details.
4. Click save.
5. Click "Apply Configuration" on the next page
6. Select the applicable agent groups you want to use this filter and the click update configuration.

After the agents update they should no longer have high cpu usage or be generating DIM events in the log files for traffic going to the NetDocuments server.