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Error: "15023 Failed to create user REPORTER_sem5sem5:


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Endpoint Protection


Unable to re-create the account for webservice report using Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP).





15023 User, group or role "REPORTER_sem5sem5"








  • REPORTER_sem5sem5 in "security>logins" not found but it have a entry in sem5 > security > users
  • 15023 User, group or role "REPORTER_sem5sem5"  already exists in the current database


SQL Database and SEP 14.x


  1. Login in SQL Studio
  2. Go to sem5 > Security > users > delete REPORTER_sem5sem5
    • Create a New REPORTER_sem5sem5
  3. Go to Security > Logins > new login
  4. In general tab, set Login name REPORTER_sem5sem5, set SQL Server authentication and default database sem5.db
  5. In User Mapping, select "sem5", "default schema" set dbo and "database role menbership for sem5"set REPORTER
  6. In Securables select the actual server then in "explicit permission" select Grant "connect SQL"