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After SEPM upgrade to 14 MP2 (from v12) Remote Java console does not start anymore


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Endpoint Protection


After SEPM upgrade to 14 MP2 from version 12.1 RU6 MP8 Remote Java console does not start anymore, noting happens after starting it.



1. As the SEPM 14 Admin guide says (page 49):
Note: If you installed the remote Java console with an earlier version of the
product, you must reinstall it when you upgrade to a later version.

2. When installing SEPM v14 Java Remote Console, make sure the current 32-bit Java is uninstalled and then install 64-bit java.

Here are all the steps when installing remote java console in screenshots:





If nothing happens after the Java screen appears, check if 32-bit Java is not installed. If it is please uninstall it.

After 32-bit java removal and starting again JnlpServlet.jnlp you will get a warning like the one below, please click ok to continue.

Then Java remote console should start and also you will notice that it creates a shortcut on desktop: