VIP Enterprise Gateway | Unexpected Problem Error While Logging into the Self Service Portal


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VIP Enterprise Gateway


After a user logs into the Self Service Portal, the following error is displayed.


The error can be caused by an expired or invalid VIP certificate.

The error can also be caused by an incorrect time on the VIP EG server or the LDAP server connections in the user store. 


  1. Generate a new VIP certificate from the VIP Manager under Account > Manage VIP Certificates.
  2. Replace the old certificate with the new one in the VIP Enterprise Gateway console under Settings > VIP Certificate.

The SAMl assertion sent in the request from the local SSP IdP to the VIP SSP cloud is set to a strict 1-minute before and after validity. To comply, set the local time and date on all servers and proxies to a globally-recognized time value. If NTP is already in use, check the NTP server for accuracy.