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Backups fail for some large databases


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Messaging Gateway


Backing up the Control Center fails from both the Control Center web interface and from the Messaging Gateway (SMG) command line.

Attempting to back up the database using the command line 'db-backup' command returns and error indicating that the mysqldump packet size has been exceeded.

Jul 29 2017 01:00:10 [BrightmailScheduler_Worker-40] [ScriptHelper] ERROR - ERROR: 
Failed to run: '/opt/Symantec/Brightmail/mysql/bin/mysqldump': mysqldump: Error
2020: Got packet bigger than 'max_allowed_packet' bytes when dumping table
`host` at row: 0 


The database backup is attempting to save a database table which exceeds the default upper limit for the mysqldump utility.


Messaging Gateway


This issue has been resolved with the SMG 10.6.4 release. The max_allowed_packet size limit has been increased to accomodate larger database backups.