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Synchronization Limit Exceeded


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This synchronization has been aborted because the following problem was reported :

Synchronization Limit Exceeded There are XXXX deletions.

Synchronization Limit Exceeded There are XXXX additions.


Schemus is operating via scheduled task, as part of your configuration a limit was configured on the maximum number of Additions, Deletions or Modifications Schemus is allowed to automatically upload without Human intervention.

A generated email is sent to advise the Sync has failed because the Synchronization Limit has been exceeded

At this point human intervention is required to review the changes before the update can be completed.

Firstly open the Schemus application and run a Test Update,

Carefully review all additions, deletions and modifications and ensure that they are valid and expected changes.


If the changes are deemed correct, press the update button,

A prompt will appear on the screen asking if you want to override the limit this one time, Press Yes,

The update will be carried out, Close down the Schemus application, automatic updated will continue to run in the background as normal.


If the changes are deemed incorrect, this indicates that Schemus is no longer able to see these addresses, users or groups in its search scope.

Manually confirm this information still exists in your configured source e.g. Active Directory, If the information exists but Schemus is still unable to see the entries please follow steps outlined in and then re-run the Test Update to see if the changes and be resolved.

If problems continue please contact Symantec Support for further assistance.