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When will new Operating System and browser versions be certified for use with Symantec DLP Agent?


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A new operating system or browser version is being released and you want to know when it will be certified for use with your Symantec Data Loss Prevention Endpoint Agent.


Operating Systems:

  • Our goal is to support new Windows 10 updates and macOS releases within one month of their GA. This support will be targeted at the latest GA release of Symantec DLP. In cases where a new version of DLP was just released we will also certify against the DLP release immediately prior to the latest.
  • In a majority of cases we have announced support within the desired timeframes
  • Significant archtectural changes to the OS can delay the certification of Symantec DLP
  • We periodically test with Windows 10 beta (Flighting releases) and macOS developer preview builds to acertain what works and what does not


Browser Support:

  • Our goal is to support new versions of the browser within one week of the browser version becoming available
  • In a majority of cases we have announced support within the desired timeframes
  • In some cases, new browser releases cause issues with monitoring:
    • Site Specific issues - Not able to detect files uploaded to some sites
    • Broken Browser hooks - because the browser changed the API's
    • OS vendor-owned browsers (Safari & Edge) preventing third party software from hooking into the application