Malware administrator did not receive the submission confirmation
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Malware administrator did not receive the submission confirmation


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Email Email Threat Detection and Response


Administrator did not receive the malware submission confirmation after submitting a possible virus email using the Outlook Email Submission Add-in


  • Email
  • Advanced Threat Protection Email
  • Email Submission Add-in



Possible causes are:

  • Administrator notifications for anti-malware has not been configured in ClientNet
  • More than one user has submitted a sample with the same file hash



Administrators configuring the service must enter the first and last name and email address of an administrator in the Anti-Malware Email Submission section. The administrator information ensures that any messages that are submitted with attachments are routed through the correct anti-malware analysis workflow.

To configure the malware administrator details:

  1. Login to Symantec Management Portal
  2. Go to Services > Email Services > Email Submission Settings
  3. Enter details under Administrator Notifications for Malware
  4. Click on Save

Symantec needs these administrator details to keep your organization updated on any submissions for anti-malware analysis. Note that if this section is left blank, any messages with attachments are not processed when they are submitted through the Email Submission add-in. Also, confirmation emails with the respective tracking number are only sent once in every 48 hours to the malware administrator per attachment's hash.  As an example, if two or more users submitted the same sample each, the administrator will receive one notification email since the hash for all the submission would be the same.