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LUA 2.3 distribution fails with the error "...contents are missing in Content Repository"


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Endpoint Protection


  • LiveUpdate Administrator (LUA) fails distribution.
  • LUA event logs show the following error regarding missing content:

    The following contents are missing in Content Repository.


Corrupt or missing updates in Content Repository.


To work around this issue, remove content from your configured Downloads and TempDownloads directories.

  1. Clear the Download directory through the Manage Updates section of LUA.
    Select all content and click Delete.
  2. Manually clean the TempDownload directory. Go to C:\TempDownload\Downloads, and delete everything from this folder.
  3. Restart LUA Services.
  4. Let the Download Schedules run again to re-populate the content you removed.
    Distribution should now be successful.

If you run into problems deleting content from the 'Manage Updates' section, follow these steps:

  1. Using the Configure > Preference page, modify the Temporary Directory and Download Directory values to point to a temporarily created directory.
    This should move some of the files to the newly pointed directories.
  2. Check to see if both the old Temp and Download directories are deleted. If not, then manually delete all of the files and folders inside them.
  3. Change the Temporary Directory and Download Directory values back to their defaults.
  4. Run a new Download and Distribution.

Alternatively, you can run the LUA Content Reset tool to purge LUA content.  See Purging content from the LiveUpdate Administrator database