CCS-VM scan jobs not being picked up and processed by scanners


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Control Compliance Suite Vulnerability Manager


In the Jobs tab under the SCANS\Active section jobs are piling up and not being processed by any scanner.  However if Agent Maintenance is performed on the scanners, jobs will process for awhile but then stop being processed again.



Product issue.


CCS-VM 12.1.x thru 12.3



A patch for this issue has been released for version 12.1 through 12.3 of the CCS-VM product.  

1.) Download the attached zip file and right click on the zip file and move it to the  go to properties.  In properties click any UNBLOCK button that might be present and apply that change.  This will trust the file contents. 

2.) Extract the executable contained in the zip file. You will also find text files in the zip that contain the hashes (MD5, etc.) for this self extracting exe. 

3.) Once you have determined that the executable has not been corrupted, move it to the CCS-VM console machine.

4.) While logged in with the same account which installed the CCS-VM console machine, launch the executable file.  Take all defaults in all screens where applicable to install the fix.

5.) Reboot the machine.

6.) Test to ensure that jobs are now being processed and continue to do so.


NOTE: If jobs to a particular scanner are not processing, you may need to restart the CCS-VM scanner service on the remote machines to ensure connectivity after the reboot of the CCS-VM console machine.




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