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Where to find PacketGuide, Symantec's product information source for PacketShaper and PolicyCenter


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PolicyCenter S-Series PolicyCenter PacketShaper S-Series PacketShaper


You would like to know where you can find the different PacketGuide versions (also available for download) for PacketShaper and Policy Center documentation for the following products:

PacketShaper S-Series (Supported Models: S200, S400, S500):

  • 11.9.x
  • 11.8.x
  • 11.7.x
  • 11.6.x
  • 11.5.x

PacketShaper (Legacy Supported Models: 900, 1700, 3500, 7500, 10000, 12000):

  • 9.2.x

Policy Center S-Series (Supported Models: 900, 1700, 3500, 7500, 10000, 12000, S200, S400, S500):

  • 1.1.x

PolicyCenter (Supported Models: 900, 1700, 3500, 7500, 10000, 12000):

  • 9.2.x


The following Symantec Web Page provides all the PacketGuide versions for PacketShaper and Policy Center:

The different PacketGuide versions are also available for download:

  • Select the Contents tab from the menu on the upper-left side of the page
  • Select Download PacketGuide
  • Select and download the version of the PacketGuide you would like to download