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When trying to register Agent to Manager you receive the error Unsuccessful Registration -- "Invalid property line: &crlf2;"


Article ID: 170304


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Data Center Security Server Data Center Security Server Advanced


After installing (or re-installing) an Agent it fails to register with the Manager. In the Event Viewer you see:
Unsuccessful Registration -- "Invalid property line: &crlf2;"
You may also notice that the SISIPSSERVICE.exe is starting and immediately stopping.


This issue is caused when a specific registry key has an extra carriage return. Possibly related to non-English characters used in the system name. To resolve the issue:

  1. Run Regedit
  2. Access the registry key:
  3. Right click on the srvcomment key to modify it
  4. Look at the end of the system name for ASCII characters indicating a carriage return and remove them.
  5. Hit Ok
  6. Run cmd.exe as Administrator and enter the following command to register the Agent:
    sisipsconfig -forcereg
  7. Restart the server and verify the SISIPSSERVICE.exe is now running. You may also want to check the Management Console to verify the Agent is now showing status as green. It will likely take some time for the Policy to translate which is expected.