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Automation job fails to run after modifying Agent Registration Policy - Allow


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Deployment Solution


You've configured the 'Agent Registration Policy - Allow' within the NS console to prevent specific machines from registering with the NS console.  You've removed the Host name = * value and added any other rule option.  Now your automation jobs fail to start once the client machine has loaded into automation.

You will not receive an error message within the console after scheduling the job on the client machine.  It will simply say the job is running.  Once the client machine loads into automation you will also not see any errors.  Your client machine will simply sit in automation and do nothing.  If you review the pectagent.log or the smp.log you will see errors however.  Here are a few examples of what you might see.

CClientConfig::GetPkgAccessCredentials(): GetPackageSettings response=<error number="80041002" nsVersion="8.1.4528.0"><![CDATA[

 The get package settings request XML is invalid.

        GetPackageSettings request format: GetPackageSettings.aspx?xml=<<BODY>>

        where <<BODY>> is:


            <GetCredential resourceGuid=”<<RESOURCE_GUID>>”>



        XML Attributes:

            resourceGuid – Specifies the Resource Guid of the client machine.

        XML Elements:

            <<RESOURCE_GUID>> - Specifies the GUID of the resource (Agent) to examine. This element is mandatory.



            <GetCredential resourceGuid=”{9DC639C3-85F2-498A-BE73-9E4F35EAAE67}”>




ITMS/DS 7.5 or newer through 8.1 RU3 currently


The reason why this is happening is because of the modified agent registration policy.  By removing the Host name = * value from this policy you have effectively broken the ability for the PectAgent to register with the NS.


At this time, the Agent Registration Policy - Allow only applies to the production Symantec Management Agent.  Removing the default Host name = * or adding additional rules to this policy breaks the automation PectAgent.  Removing any additional rules and having just the Host name = * is currently the only way to allow automation jobs to run.