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Endpoint Encryption Agent cannot communicate with the server after removing proxy information from Internet Options


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Endpoint Encryption


The Symantec Endpoint Encryption (SEE) Agent is unable to contact the SEEMS server when the OS had a proxy specified for communication, but no longer uses a proxy, and the proxy information has been removed from Internet Options.

Message on the client when trying to connect to the server manually:  
"Communication is taking too long. Try again later."

There may be an error in the EACommunicatorSrv00.log about an invalid URL.


SEE 8.x and 11.x up to current


After specifying a proxy in Internet Options, on occasion the proxy information is not removed from the registry when the information is deleted from Internet Options.
This may be due to insufficient write permissions to that particular portion of the registry through the user modifying the proxy information, or the proxy information is out of date.
But ultimately the cause is unknown.


  • Open the registry (Start->Run->type "regedit").
  • Go to HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\InternetSettings\connections
  • Delete the registry keys "DefaultConnectionSettings" and "SavedLegacySettings".
  • Reboot the machine.

This should clear any residual registry entries for a proxy that was set up previously.
These settings will recreate themselves with their default values upon reboot.
If you need to update the proxy information, you should be able to enter it again at this point in Internet Options.