How do I use Supersede associations in a Managed Software Delivery Policy?


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Supersede associations are set under the Associations tab while editing a Software Resource. Choose Supersedes from the list to viewe the options.

After setting a supersede association, if you add Software to a Managed Delivery Policy (MDP) you'll see the following message under supersede settings:
*This software resource has been superseded by: Name of newer software

You can make sure that the previous version is not installed if a newer version is found by checking the option:
Do not install if a newer version of this software is already installed

If you want to have software automatically upgraded using the association, you need to follow this procedure:
  1. When creating the software releases to be used in the supersede associations make sure to have an uninstall command-line created with the option to set is as default checked. If you import an MSI, the uninstall will already be created. An EXE will need to have it manually created as follows:
  2. Choose to Edit the Software Release (right-click, actions, Edit software resource).
  3. Click on the Package tab.
  4. Click the Add command button.
  5. Provide a Name, set the correct installation file type such as EXE.
  6. Set the Command type as Uninstall.
  7. Check the box Set as default for this command type.
  8. Provide the appropriate uninstall command-line for the software. Click OK and then OK to save the command-line to the resource.
  9. When you add the newer version of the software to a policy, under the Supersed settings section, check the box labeled: Automatically upgrade software that has been superseded by this software.