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Cannot create new software packages with subfolders in the ITMS 8.1 software library


Article ID: 170227


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Endpoint Encryption


You want to upload a software package containing multiple files and subfolders to the Software Library in the Notification Server console, but only the individual files are uploaded successfully. The complete software package can be uploaded when selected as a local package or UNC sourced package. 



ITMS 8.1 introduced a new design that removed Java dependency for uploading software data within the "Add or Edit Package" process. Java was originally implemented to allow additional functionality in the interface, however for security hardening purposes it was decided to move away from it. 



ITMS 8.1x

ITMS 8.5x


Currently Development is looking for other, less troublesome technologies to add back the folder select to add folders and files to the Software Library. In the meantime follow the guidance below: 

  1. ​​If you wish to use the Software Library option upload the package as a .zip archive as advised in the interface below: 

  1.  Select a different package source than Software Library; for example:
  • "Access package from a directory on the Notification Server"
  • "Access package from an existing UNC"

NOTE: This will require you to manage the source location of the package since it will not be brought into the Software Library location for management.