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Multiple scheduled tasks show on servers running SMSME invoking the command "UserGroupCacheUpdate.vbs"


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Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange


When reviewing the scheduled tasks on an Exchange server with Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange installed, you see a number of tasks runnign the command:

//Nologo "C:\Program Files (x86)\Symantec\SMSMSE\7.x\Server\UserGroupCacheUpdate.vbs"


It is normal to see a number of these events. This script is gathering a fresh copy of the Active Directory structure to apply content filtering rules based on Active Directory group membership.

However, when SMSMSE is uninstalled or upgraded, we do not clean up old scheduled tasks. It is possible for many to build up that are no longer needed.


You can safely delete the old task scheduler jobs for UserGroupCacheUpdate.vbs for versions you are no longer running. Please follow these instructions:

1. Open Task scheduler
2. Select the task and click on "Actions" tab
3. Verify the path "C:\Program Files (x86)\Symantec\SMSMSE\7.x\Server\UserGroupCacheUpdate.vbs" (based on which version you are running)
4. In this path we see the SMSMSE version and path to UserGroupCacheUpdate.vbs
5. Repeat this process for all SMSMSE tasks and delete the old ones which are not for the current SMSMSE version and path.