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PDF files accumulate in /tmp


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Messaging Gateway


When using the Disarm feature of Messaging Gateway (SMG), in some instances a large number of pdf files may accumulate in the /tmp working directory. While these files are deleted over time, in some cases this can result in an alert from the Messaging Gateway due to low free space in the root file system.


Messaging Gateway


If the Disarm scanning process exists unexpectedly it can sometimes leave an orphaned temporary file rather than deleting all temporary files as it exits.


This issue has been addressed with the SMG 10.6.4 release. Orphaned disarm temporary files are now purged hourly.

For earlier releases, if needed, orphaned temporary files can be removed by

  1. Stopping the mta service via `service mta stop`
  2. Running `list --temp` to show orphaned pdf temporary files
  3. Running `delete file /tmp/0123456.pdf` for the temporary files you want to remove
  4. Starting the mta service via `service mta start`