Configure ProxySG to send accesslog to Reporter 10 over secure FTP (FTPS).
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Configure ProxySG to send accesslog to Reporter 10 over secure FTP (FTPS).


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Reporter-S500 Reporter Reporter-VA Advanced Secure Gateway Software - ASG ProxySG Software - SGOS


You want to configure the ProxySG appliance to send access logs directly to Reporter 10 over secure FTP (FTPS). Note that Reporter 10 has a FTP server built to receive access logs over FTP and FTPS.


Here are the steps:

1. Export Reporter 10 management certificate. In this example, Firefox is the browser and it has the certificate export option. 

-Select Export and save the certificate.

-Open the certificate with text editor and copy it as PEM format.

2. On Reporter Web UI->Select Administration->General Settings->Access Control.

-Enable FTPS.

-Default port is 990.

-Save the changes. 

3.  On the ProxySG appliance, paste in the Reporter certificate (PEM format) into the SSL Certificate list. 

-In the ProxySG Web UI->Configuration->SSL->CA Certificate.

-Select Import->Key in a name for the certificate (example: Reporter_10_WebGUICert).

-Paste in the certificate->Select Ok->Apply.

4. Move Reporter certificate into "browser trusted" CCL list. 

-Configuration->SSL->CA Certificate->CA Certificate List.

-Select "browser-trusted"->Select Edit->Move Reporter certificate from left to right column->Ok->Apply. 

5. Confirm ProxySG "Device Profiles" has "browser-trusted" enable. 

-Configuration->SSL->Device Profiles->Select "default".

-Confirm that "browser trusted" is set for "CCL".

6. Enable secure accesslog transfer on the ProxySG under Accesslog->Upload client. 

-Ensure to select "Use secure connections (SSL)" for the enable accesslog upload client.