Error connecting to database server message when starting a Ghost Solution Suite remote console


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Ghost Solution Suite


You have installed a remote GSS 3.x console on a client machine using the component installation option and receive an error when launching it. 

Error connecting to the database server. Please check your database server to see that it is functioning properly. 

State:28000,Native:18456,Origin:[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]


The currently logged in user has insufficient privileges on the eXpress DB on the SQL server. 


Ghost Solution Suite 3.x 


In Active Directory

  1. Create an Active Directory group 'GSS Console Users'
  2. Add the users you require to the group

On the SQL server hosting the eXpress DB using SQL Server Management Studio:

  1. Add the GSS Console Users group to the logins in the Security folder
  2. Under the General section, select the eXpress DB as the default
  3. Under the User Mapping section, tick the eXpress DB in the top pane and in the lower pane add the datareader and datawriter permissions
  4. Log in to the remote client with the user credentials from a member of the GSS Console Users group and verify the connection is successful