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Microsoft Bulletin: MS17-09-OFF fails to download via PRC


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Patch Management Solution for Windows


Opened the Console > Actions > Software > Patch Remediation Center (PRC); highlighted MS17-09-OFF > Right-click > Download Package and found it failed to download an Office 365 Update

Download failed for:
The remote server returned an error: (502) Bad Gateway.
Unsuccessfully downloaded ''

Additional errors:

Download failed for ''
Could not find a part of the path 'D:\Program Files\Altiris\Patch Management\Packages\Updates\MS17-09-OFF\{36625113-c4bb-4d43-bb97-5b06cf46b44b}\office\data\16.0.8431.2079\'


Vendor initially utilized URLs which were later removed and no longer in use. Additionally, database associations to the physical package failed to be created due to bad URLs and caused orphaned resources.

Confirmed additional errors caused by inclusion of Office 365 Click-to-run (O365 C2R) for deployment in MS##-##-OFF Software Bulletin in the PRC.


Patch Management 7.5.x, 7.6.x and 8.x


This issue is resolved in PMImport version 7.2.78.

Regarding additional failure downloading due to O365 C2R inclusion into MS##-##-OFF Bulletin: This issue was resolved in PMImport version 7.2.98.

Workaround if unable to update PMImport: Clean-up stale/corrupt package associations by working through the following steps:

  1. Open the Console > Home > Patch Management > Windows (left pane) > Settings > MetaData Import Task:
    • Expand Vendors and Software (right pane); filter on word: click
    • Disable the four Click to Run 2016 items:
    • Disable all settings under General segment:
      • Note: Allows for running only the .cab data download and clean-up
    • Enable the setting at the top: Delete previously downloaded data for vendors, software and languages that are now excluded
    • Save changes > New Schedule; run the Import Patch Data for Windows Now or on schedule
      • Note: Process cleans up the unsupported packages and
      • Move on to Step #4 if PMImport is successful; however, review TECH166778 if PMImport fails to download for troubleshooting tips
  2. Open Patch Remediation Center:
    • Highlight MS17-09-OFF; right-click > Download
    • This should recreate the resource associations and run a fresh download of the Bulletin

Additionally, review if O365 Updates are supported for the current version and any necessary HotFixes are installed per INFO3521.