Reports or console items hold old cached data - How to clear stored user navigation history.


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Management Platform (Formerly known as Notification Server)


The console stores naviation history users so that when when accessing the console it will open up to the most recently visited page. Sometimes it might be nessecary to clear this information. For example permissions have been changed so users shouldn't have access to certain pages or a custom view/menu item was deleted.

Another example of a problem is where old cached information is shown when loading reports.


To clear all user settings and navigation history by truncating the Usersettings table:

truncate table usersettings

To delete cache on a per user basis, run the following query based on version:

ITMS 7.6 and earlier:

select distinct stu.Name, stu.Trustee from UserSettings uss
 join SecurityTrustee stu on stu.Trustee=uss.Sid

ITMS 8.0 and later:

select distinct vi.Name, stu.Trustee from sec_Trustee stu
join vitem vi on vi.Guid = stu.TrusteeGuid
join UserSettings uss on uss.Sid = stu.Trustee​

Find the user name to clear the history for and copy the value in the Trustee Column. Then run the following query:

 delete from UserSettings
 where Sid ='Trustee from previous query'

The next time the user access the console after the settings have been deleted, it will load the first time set up page. 

It may be required to clear the local users internet cache for the changes to be fully shown.