Cannot access shared printer or shared files with File and Print Sharing enabled in Security Policy


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Endpoint Protection Cloud


By default, regular file and print sharing is enabled when using Symantec Endpoint Protection Cloud (SEPC). Despite File and Print sharing being enabled, you are still unable to access a shared resource.

Can I whitelist my printer?


The File and Printer Sharing slider only enables SMB communication (and ping) between clients on the same subnet. If clients are on different subnets or LANs, the Public checkbox must also be selected as all traffic from outside a clients subnet is considered Public. Additionally, if the network card is marked as a Public connection then the Public checkbox must be selected.

Certain environments may require additional firewall rules to gain clear communication to network devices and shares. These environments usually consist of more than one subnet, or have shared network devices connected directly to workstations.

In these environments, create a new firewall rule with the following ports opened locally for both inbound and outbound traffic.

  • TCP 135
  • UDP 137
  • UDP 138
  • TCP 139
  • TCP 445
  • UDP 5355
  1. In the SEPC Management Console, click Policies, then Security Policies
  2. Click "+" and choose Create Security Policy
  3. Change Policy Name and Description
  4. Select Add rule to the right of Firewall Rules