How to add a submission delay in DE?
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How to add a submission delay in DE?


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DSERIES- SERVER CA Workload Automation DE - System Agent (dSeries)


In CA Workload Automation DE, the submission of a job can be delayed at the job level.

How do we delay the submission of a job in DE?


CA Workload Automation DE


There are several ways to delay a submission of a job.  The job has delay submission features under 'Time Dependencies'. 

The 'Do not submit before' allows adding time to the job at run time.  E.g Now plus 30 seconds.  The job will go in Waiting state and will run after 30 seconds (or whatever the condition was defined).

The 'Delay submission when eligible field' can be incremented by minutes to add a delay.  The minimum delay is one (1) minute.

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Both 'Do not submit before' and 'Delay submission when eligible field' may be added to a job.  The job will remain in Waiting state till each condition has been met.  So, if 'Do not submit before' has 'Now plus 50 seconds' and 'Delay submission when eligible field' has 1 minute, then job will remain in Waiting state for 1 minute and 50 seconds



Additional Information

You may also look at adding a simple job with a delay command (see here).

Users may use a simple JavaScript with pause command.  This will allow delay in seconds (see below).  The JavaScript can be added in the job, in JavaScripts -> At job run time.

Note: Adding JavaScripts may add some overhead.  If you plan to have lots of jobs that need to be delayed in an application (>10 or more), then it is recommended to use the Time Dependencies feature as shown above.

function pause(milliseconds) 

var t = new java.lang.Thread(); 





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