How to determine if a task or policy is being run under a specified user account


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IT Management Suite Client Management Suite


By default, a task or policy is set to run as Local System Account. If you were to click on the "Advanced" button of a given task or policy, you would be able to specify an account used to run the task or policy:


Symantec Management Platform 8.0, 8.1, 8.5, 8.6


Post-8.6 RU3:

ITMS 8.6 RU3 added new reports for this: These reports are integrated to default installation under Reports>All Reports>Notification Server Management>Server>Account Management


Pre-8.6 RU3:

If you would need to know what tasks are configured to run under an alternate account, follow these steps:

1. Open the attached "Find_Policy_or_Task_Using_Specified_User_Account.sql" SQL Query in SQL Server Management Studio.

2. Modify this line in the code with a specific user account that you are looking for:

3. Execute the modified SQL Query.

As well you can try running the following simplified queries just to have a general idea if there is something using the desired account:

--Query 1 (looking for places that were modified by the desired account (in this example 'epm\Administrator'):
select i.Name, cast (replace (cast (i.State as nvarchar (max)), '<modifiedBy>epm\Administrator</modifiedBy>', '') as xml)
from Item i
where replace (cast (i.State as nvarchar (max)), '<modifiedBy>epm\Administrator</modifiedBy>', '') like '%Administrator%'

--Query 2 (looking for places that were set to execute by the desired account (in this example 'epm\Administrator'):
select i.Name, cast (replace (cast (ivd.State as nvarchar (max)), '<modifiedBy>epm\Administrator</modifiedBy>', '') as xml), i.Guid
from Item i
join ItemVersions iv on iv.ItemGuid = i.Guid
join ItemVersionData ivd on ivd.VersionGuid = iv.VersionGuid
where replace (cast (ivd.State as nvarchar (max)), '<modifiedBy>epm\Administrator</modifiedBy>', '') like '%Administrator%'


Find_Policy_or_Task_Using_Specified_User_Account.sql get_app