Question (1868) Ghost has detected an inconsistency between the volumes. . . is displayed on Ghost clients while restoring an image causing task timeouts.


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Ghost Solution Suite


While deploying a ghost image to a client the client in certain situations may pop up a question box requiring a Yes or No response and the image deployment will not continue until an option is selected in the pop up.    If no selection is made on the client the job will time out and report a failure of the job. 

No error will be seen on the client but a Pop up message will be seen with the following message asking for a response. 

Question (1868)
Ghost has detected an inconsistency between the volumes detected on disk and the OS volumes. On Vista this could lead to write failures. Rebooting should fix this problem.
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Currently the source of this question is not know.   The Symantec Engineering team is researching this at this time. 


Ghost solution Suite 3.x booting to windows PE running Ghost32.exe or Ghost64.exe to restore an image. 


As a workaround the use of the -batch command line switch will suppress the pop up and allow the job to complete with out a timeout.  See Switches: Alphabetical list of switches for more information on Ghost command line switches. 


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