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What is SafeRequestProcessorInterceptor and would it stop the VIP validation server


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Symantec Products


The vipegconsole.log shows the message "text=SafeRequestProcessorInterceptor destroy() is called..."  The validation server service on the affected Gateway is stopped.

DEBUG "2017-07-01 02:04:00.957 GMT-0500" UNKNOWN 710767208 0 0  "text=SafeRequestProcessorInterceptor destroy() is called..."


Windows update was found as the reason for services being stopped.


VIP Enterprise Gateway 9.8


  1. Ensure that there are no port conflicts within validation servers or any other applications. If there are other validation servers with same port configured and ONLY one of them is running, a restart of a machine will try to start all the validation servers, including those in an OFF state before the restart.
  2. Double-check on restart of the machine after a Windows update. Generally, a system update requires a restart after being applied.