Error: "Windows could not start the EDPA service on the local computer. Error 768"


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Data Loss Prevention Endpoint Prevent


The Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Endpoint Agent (EDPA) and Watchdog (WDP) services do not start after install. 

Starting services manually produces the following error:

Windows could not start EDPA service on Local Computer.  Error 768: An Exception occurred in a user callback and the kernel callback frame should be removed.


Appears to be either a bad/corrupt installation package or install process.  
Also this could be from an improper account used for installation, such as a non-Admin account, lacking necessary permissions.

The issue may also be caused by an incorrect agent install version or architecture. See EDPA or WDP service not starting or has stopped on the DLP agent.


  1. Create a new agent install package.
  2. Install using the install_agent.bat file when logged in as the local administrator.