Reporter 10.x configuration file modification


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You want to determine how to modify reporter 10.x configuration(.cfg) files


Reporter 10.x configuration (.cfg) file modification feature is available with and later releases . This feature allows you to modify various configuration files. This feature is only available via command line interface (CLI) . 

To modify configuration files first stop reporter service by using below CLI command under enable mode

# stop-reporter

To view the root directory of available configuration files that can be modified use below CLI command. Also instead of  "." for the root directory you can type specific path here

# configure list .

To edit specific configuration file apply CLI command configure edit file_name . For example to edit preferences.cfg apply below CLI command

# configure edit preferences.cfg

This will open up a vi editor (short for visual editor) is a screen editor which is similar to a Unix system. To learn the basic commands of a vi editor you can follow this link

For example if you want to disable TLS1.0 for reporter management console  you need to change tls_v1= "true" to  tls_v1= "false" under preferences.cfg file

To commit this change on last modified cfg file apply CLI command configure commit file_name. Keep in mind that this saves only the edits . To save the changes on preferences.cfg  file apply below CLI command

# configure commit preferences.cfg

If you are uncertain and want to back out the changes, enter configure cancel, which reverts the file to its previous state. Finally start reporter service to make the new changes in effect using below CLI command

# start-reporter

This changes are very sensitive and an incorrect .cfg file modification may fail to start reporter 10.x service . If you are not sure of certain changes, consult with Symantec Network Protection support.