Reporter 10.x journal file location


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Reporter-S500 Reporter-VA


You want to determine how to locate reporter 10.x journal files from reporter troubleshooting logs


Similar like reporter 9.x reporter 10.x also includes journal files, located inside reporter 10.x diagnostics logs. Once the diagnostics archive file is extracted locally , Navigate inside the extracted folder\data\bluecoat\bcreporter\server\diagnostics .

There will be an archive file under that directory named as "" , which includes another 3 folders named as data , opt , var .

After extracting navigate under \var\log . Journal files will be located under this directory . Journal file from current date will be named as bcr-journal . Previously archived journal files will be archive as .gz file and named as bcr-journal-YYYYMMDD.gz

Some tips on reading journal files can be found under TECH242942