What do I need to install the OPMS on a Redhat server?
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What do I need to install the OPMS on a Redhat server?


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   I want to install the OPMS.  Is there a checklist of prerequisites?


Current OPMS release


When installing the OPMS on a Redhat server, these are the things to check before installing.

  1. Type the command id to ensure that you are running as root.  You must be root to install the OPMS.


  2. Run the following command to check your Redhat subscription.  If it returns 'This system is not yet registered. Try 'subscription-manager register --help' for more information.' then have your Linux admin register with the Redhat server in order to have the dependencies downloaded.

subscription-manager attach --auto 

Then verify with: 
subscription-manager --list 

  3. Run the following command and check if /tmp has the 'noexec' flag enabled.  If it does, disable it as the OPMS installer executes smaller scripts to run from /tmp during installation.  If noexec is enabled, then these scripts will not be able to run, thus causing the installer to fail.

mount | grep noexec

4. Run the following command.  If it comes back enabled, then disable it so that the OPMS can be installed.

selinuxenabled && echo enabled || echo disabled

If the command comes back with 'enabled' then run the command 'setenforce 0'.  This stops SELinux from interfering with the installation but it does not permanently disable it.  (NOTE: The character after the setenforce command is a ZERO.)