Issues with importing a DLP Solution Pack
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Issues with importing a DLP Solution Pack


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Data Loss Prevention Enforce


When importing a DLP Solution Pack, there are some conditions that may cause this procedure to fail.


Usually there are three types of messages that might appear:

Situation 1 (example with Solution Pack for Finance):
------------------------- Solution Pack Info -------------------------
Title:              Financial_v14.6
Export date:        10/12/16 01:19 PM
Export version:     14.6.*
History:            Initial export at 10/12/16 01:19 PM

(Press enter to quit)

Situation 2 (in this case new roles had been added already):
INFO: Created Model instance using: com.vontu.model.ojb.OjbAuthorizingModel
---------- Testing System Integrity ------------
Database is not empty: Role
-------------------- Fail ----------------------

Situation 3:
---------- Testing System Integrity ------------
--------------------- OK -----------------------
Aug 17, 2017 3:13:18 PM com.vontu.model.ojb.LockServerConnector logRemoteException
WARNING: Error performing registry lookup for lock server at
SEVERE: Unable to connect to: com.vontu.model.ojb.OJBLockManager:

The Solution Pack install completed with errors. The database is in an inconsistent state.




Data Loss Prevention Enforce Server (which must have an empty database).



These are three situations that cause the errors above:

Situation 1:
The import seems frozen. The command syntax is incorrect. The command must contain the switch import and not have spaces in the path (a correct example with the Financial Solution Pack):
C:\SymantecDLP\Protect\bin>SolutionPackInstaller.exe import C:\SymantecDLP\Financial_v14.6.vsp

Situation 2:
The solution pack must be installed in an empty database. Nothing can be present (policies, roles, incidents, etc). If the database contains data that can be discarded, reinstall the Enforce server and reinitialize the database (Warning: this will delete the entire contents of the database). In alternative, install the service pack in a test system and export/import the policies and verify the roles created.
Only one Solution Pack can be installed.

Situation 3:
The VontuNotifier service must be running. If the Solution Pack installation was attempted with this service stopped, the database will stay in an inconsistent state. It is recommended to follow the instructions from Situation 2 and ensure that all services are running after the installation of the Enforce server. Stop the VontuManager service according to the instructions and restart it after completing the installation.



Follow the instructions in the Symantec Data Loss Prevention Installation Guides - "Importing a solution pack".

  • Install the Solution Pack immediately after installing the Enforce server. This must be done before login to the Enforce console.
  • Ensure that the VontuNotifier service is running before installing the Solution Pack.
  • Run the command as an Administrator and ensure that the syntax is correct: SolutionPackInstaller.exe import path_to_the_solution_pack

A successful installation will show in the command prompt:
INFO: Created Model instance using: com.vontu.model.ojb.OjbAuthorizingModel
---------- Testing System Integrity ------------
--------------------- OK -----------------------
Aug 17, 2017 3:45:35 PM com.vontu.model.ojb.LockServerConnector getLockServer
INFO: Connected to lock server at

The Solution Pack install is complete. Please remember:
   - Re-start the Vontu Manager service or reboot the computer.