Java Management Console fails to launch after upgrade to SGOS 6.7


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After upgrading to SGOS 6.7.x attempts to launch the management console fail

Error connecting to SG


This issue can be caused by attempting to launch the ProxySG management console from a browser configured to use a proxy. Launching the management console via an explicit proxy is unsupported. In earlier versions of SGOS this would often work, but the same failure has been seen on occasion even with earlier versions of SGOS when the browser is configured to use a proxy. SGOS 6.7 is less tolerant of this unsupported configuration and attempts to launch the management console via a proxy will fail.


Verify direct access to the proxy in order to successfully launch the management console or Java Webstart Launcher.

  1. Clear the proxy and/or PAC file settings from the browser as well as any proxy settings that may be configured in the java console itself.
  2. Once all proxy settings have been cleared and direct access to the proxy is verified launch the management console.


     Note: If the above does not work please do the following:

     Go to java and go to General -> Network Settings -> and make sure the settings are displayed as below or in Direct connection.




        Now clear java cache by going to -> General -> Temporary Internet Files -> Settings -> Delete Files -> Ok




          Once completed delete cache from the browser and also do a disk clean on the drive as shown below:




      Once completed close the browser and try again.

      If you are still not able to find the solution you may enable tracing and logging to see what the error java is seeing:




                NOTE: If you are going to SGOS 6.7.2.x instead go to version 6.7.3.x as there are more stable versions