Ghost Console deployed syspreprep images do not get renamed correctly and may display a login error for altirisxrandomuser


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Ghost Solution Suite


Deploying a Syspreped Windows Image using Ghost Solution Suite and the DeployAnywhere options doesn't finish the deploy correctly.  The console may report a success but the client may not be joined to the domain or be named correctly when the job completes.   Additionally there may be errors on the client with regards to the Altiris#randomuser not able to log in.   The # will be an actual random number. 

From the GSS console the job will likely report success but on the client a warning may be seen at the desktop login.   The number listed in the user name may be different. 

Altiris5Randomuser the user name or password is incorrect try again


The cause of this issue is when DeployAnywhere updates the unatend.xml file used by the image corruption could be introduced to this file.   


GSS (Ghost Solution Suite) 3.x 
Windows OS image created with the Sysprep options and deployed with the DeployAnywhere tool from the GSS console. 


This issue has been resolved and the fix is included in GSS RU6.   For more information on obtaining RU6 see the Symantec™ Ghost Solution Suite 3.2 RU6 Release Notes at the following link.