Ghost fails over to UNC for unknown reasons when create an image


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Deployment Solution


Customer has 8.0/8.1 configured as listed below.  Ghost fails in this situation.

-HTTPS and HTTP set in IIS on the NS and site server (customers have both of these bound in IIS for failover reasons)

-On the NS and Package server the ‘Require SSL’ value under ‘SSL Settings’ is not selected.   (‘Altiris/PS’ on NS; ‘Altiris’ on Package Server)

Ghost fails to create an image


By design, when package server runs its ‘health state maintenance process’ and ‘Require SSL’ is not selected it sets the value of ‘Client Certificates’ to ‘accept’.  If ‘Require SSL’ is selected the value is set to ‘ignore’.   This is because of a legacy API that is used to manage these settings. Current 8.1 DS code DOES NOT work with the ‘value’ set to ‘Accept’.  


DS 8.0/8.1 


The fixes for these issues are included in the 8.0 post hf6 cumulative pointfix and in the upcoming 8.1 RU3.


Workaround(s) for now (KB’s coming):

  • Allow the failover to UNC to work (works for all customers who haven’t disabled UNC in their environment)
  • Select ‘Require SSL’ so it is on.  Downside to this is http cannot be used
  • Create a script that periodically sets the ‘Client Certificates’ value from ‘accept’ to ‘ignore’