Data Center Security Server and Server Advanced FAQ
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Data Center Security Server and Server Advanced FAQ


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Data Center Security Server Data Center Security Server Advanced


Answers to frequently asked questions about DCS






1) What is the difference between Server edition and Server Advanced editions?
- DCS Server edition contains the Symantec Virtual Appliance (SVA) installed on VMWare infrastructure and is providing the Agentless AV scanning of Guest Virtual Machines (GVM)
- DCS Server Advanced edition is adding to the SVA the Agent based protection of physical machines
- DCS Monitoring Edition is for IDS only

Note: Windows Client OS support has been removed in DCS (Windows XP, XPe, 7, 8, 10) and it has been moved to product called SES CSP

2) For installing Agents and pushing down Policies do we need Server Advanced edition or Server edition will do?
- For installing Agents you need Advanced edition
- IPS and IDS Policies can be applied in Server Advanced edition
- Agentless AV scanning is available in Server edition

3) For version 6.7 do we require to install Unified Management Console for it to manage and push detection/prevention Policies to Agents? If not what are the components required to do that?
- In DCS 6.7 you need to install the UMC for complete administrative functionality
- The DCS version 6.6 and above requires UMC to apply IPS and IDS Policies to Agents
- The DCS 6.5 was the last version which could work only with Java Console