Cannot find web/UNC path when capturing an image


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Deployment Solution


A capture image job is being run on a client machine. It failed with the error message below.

ErrorMessage: The Exception have occurred in Client Imaging Task. Exception has occurred in the function SMPPackage.cpp() at Line No 162.  Type of exception is GeneralError. Error is Can not find out web/unc path.. Error Description is utilCSMPPackageInitialiaze. Value of Windows error code = 6 and message is The handle is invalid.


Check the value of your Primary file storage location on Windows OS:.  It has been found that if this value has been changed from the default location, a capture image job will fail.



Deployment Solution 8.1 Release Update (RU) 2
Deployment Solution 8.1 Release Update (RU) 3


This issue has been fixed in Deployment Solution 8.1 Release Update (RU) 4.

As a workaround for DS 8.1 RU2/RU3, you might have a need to change the package storage location on a Package Server due to disk size concerns.  If this is the case then as a work around it is recommended that you install the Symantec Management Agent to a drive with more disk space than C:\.  This method is currently supported and will allow imaging to work.