Missing View Reports and Administration option from Reporter 10 Web User interface.


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Reporter-S500 Reporter


It appears you have successfully logged into Reporter's GUI, however "Database", "View Reports" and "Administration" options are missing. 


This happens when Reporter time is not correctly synced with your NTP servers or the default Symantec NTP servers "ntp.bluecoat.com and "ntp2.bluecoat.com". 

When this happens the SSL handshake will fail and the login process will not complete, although it appears that you have successfully logged into Reporter.


Note the brackets after the user, in this case admin, this is an indication that the SSL handshake has failed.


You can address this issue by either fixing the network issue or adding your own local reachable NTP server.

  • Stop Reporter 
    • from within the CLI in enable mode stop Reporter by typing "stop-reporter"
  • Edit the NTP configuration
    • type "ntp edit"
  • Scroll down the file and replace "ntp.bluecoat.com" with your own NTP server by hostname or ip-address.
  • Restart Reporter
    • type "start-reporter

Note the issue might also be caused by a difference in time between the Reporter device and the client workstation, if the issue is on the workstation you will need to make sure the two devices are in sync.