EDPA or WDP service not starting or has stopped on the DLP agent


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The EDPA (Endpoint Agent) or WDP services are stopped on the Data Loss Prevention (DLP) agent computer. Attempts to manually start the service fail.

The following line will appear in the agent log when the service fails:

CoreServices.ComponentManager | Error starting agent component: Detection Core | [SYMRESULT 0x80010006] | ComponentManager.cpp(705)


This problem is a symptom of a bad agent install.


DLP 15.x


  1. Uninstall the DLP agent from the client machine.
  2. Install the DLP agent using the proper version and architecture type.

If the issue persists contact support. The agent uninstall may be leaving behind files, and a support utility called clean_agent.exe will be required to fully remove the agent before the reinstall.