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Maximum recommended forwarding hosts on ProxySG


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


The ProxySG with many forwarding hosts defined and in use in Policy.

The ProxySG will show high CPU utilization.

The ProxySG is slow to service client requests.

The ProxySG may perform an unexpected restart when changing or committing Policy.

The ProxySG may perform an unexpected restart if DNS or other networking issues occur.

The ProxySG may restart with the following errors which can be found in the Mini-Context section in the Sysinfo file:

Hardware exception code: 0x0
Software exception code: 0x3a0004
Page fault linear address: 0x0
Process group: "PG_HEALTH_CHECKS"
Process: "HC Watchdog" in "" at .text+0x0


The ProxySG may experience performance issues or may restart unexpectedly if there are more than 500 forwarding hosts defined.


Keep forwarding hosts less than 500. Forwarding TCP tunneled requests can be done with Policy rewrite without the use of a forwarding host.

Please see the SGOS Policy Best Practice Guide regarding the TCP tunneled requests, DOC10585, page 66 onwards.