Email infrastructure is greylisted
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Email infrastructure is greylisted


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Mail sent from Email infrastructure are being greylisted by the recipient's infrastructure forcing some mails to retry.

451 4.7.1 Greylisting in action, please come back later


Greylisting ensures that mail is legitimate by asking the sender to try again later. Legitimate senders will do so (such as our mail systems) and generally spam senders will not. When greylisting occurs the connection is temporarily failed with a 400 series SMTP error.

Greylisting can happen at different phases during the SMTP session:

  • Connection-Level Greylisting
  • SMTP HELO/EHLO Greylisting
  • SMTP MAIL Greylisting
  • SMTP RCPT Greylisting
  • SMTP DATA Greylisting


To ensure greylisting is not applied on SMTP connections from delivery towers, the recipient administrator would need to clear the IP Ranges reputation on their greylisting systems.

Note: Our system will automatically queue and retry sending the mail for a period of up to 7 days, and if we are unable to successfully deliver the mail after the 7 day period, the mail will get deleted from retry queue and sender will receive an NDR (Non-Delivery Report).