Endpoint Protection auto-upgrade does not complete "Client has accepted the upgrade package..."


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Endpoint Protection


You have published the autoupgrade package in the SPEM groups. However the new clients are not being installed. Looking at the client properties in the SEPM > Clients tab you see:

Deployment status: The client is ready to accept the upgrade package.
Deployment message: Client has accepted the upgrade package, version
[xxx]. However, the actual download of the package does not begin until client or OS compatibility is established.


Possibly install settings have become corrupt while bundling with the install package.


  1. Create new install settings:
    1. In the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager console (SEPM) go to: Admin > Install Packages > Client Install Settings
    2. Click on “Add client install settings…”
    3. Select name and options as needed.
    4. In the “Basic Settings” tab under “ Upgrade settings” select “Remove previous logs and policies and reset the client-server communication”
    5. Save the new client install settings.
  2. Publish an auto-Upgrade package with the newly created install settings:
    1. In the SEPM go to: Clients > select the needed client group > and go to the “Install Packages” tab
    2. Click on “ Add a Client Install Package”
    3. In the new window, in the General tab, under “Select installation settings for this package” select the newly created install settings.
    4. Select all the other options as needed
    5. Click “OK” to save and apply the package.