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Option to Prompt User before running is not working if no deferral option is set


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Software Management Solution


Option to Prompt User before running is not working if no deferral option is set. No prompt is seen, no error message. If a deferral time is set, the prompt will appear.


This is a known defect.





This issue is fixed in 8.1 RU2. Please upgrade to resolve this issue.  If upgrading is not possible, the following workaround can be used:

  1. First, name the Software located first in the policy (if more than one) to be appropriate as this will be what the user sees when the deferral window appears.
  2. To set the duration of the timer, set the option under Settings > All Settings > Agents/Plug-ins > Symantec Management Agent > Settings > select Targeted Agent Settings > under the User Control tab as shown:

  1. In the Managed Policy, click on the first software in the chain (if more than one), and click Advanced.

  1. Under the Run tab check the option: Prompt user before running:, and: Allow user to defer up to a total of:, 1 – Minutes

  1. The built-in default for deferral time is about 5 minutes at the local computer. This means they will get to defer multiple times up to about 5 minutes before the option to defer disappears. The prompt will show up multiple times if they quickly select (Run Later):

  1. Once the 5 minutes (estimated) time has passed, the prompt will look as shown: