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Edit Incident Page Does Not Load Properly - Gives a Status Error


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In a localized customers environment, after clicking on the Reassign Incident task, and successfully completing it, then clicked on  Edit Incident to reclassify the incident.  We received the status error below (Localized)

"The incident is not in a workable state.  The incident must be in Received or Assigned state to change classification information.  The current incident state is "Assigned"

The customer had the localized equivalent of this message displayed.


 This issue was simply a localization issue, as Servicedesk now has localized some statuses.  Specfically, the process only evaluates against the english words "Assigned" and "Received".  However, there are some hard coded localization items that are translating those to localized equivalents, thus causing a mismatch in the SD.IncidentManagementSimple.Classification project.


8.1 Ru1


This is a defect.  A workaround is available by performing the following steps:

  1. Locate and open SD.IncidentManagementSImple.Classification.
  2. Find the "Matches Rule" component.  Double Click the component
  3. Add the localized equivalents of "Assigned" and "Received" to the Compare to List, and Click OK
  4. Connect the new Localized equivalents to the Load Incident TIcket component.
  5. Now, find the  "Status = Received?" Component  towards the end of the flow. This component will need be duplicated.
  6. Copy that component  and configured the new one to test for the localized equivalent of "Recevied".  Connect  the not equals output from the existing component to the new one.
  7. Connect the equals output from the newly created component to the Set Process State/Status = Assigned Component.  
  8. Connect the not equals to the Update Process References Department and Location
  9. Save the process and Publish it.