DS 8.1 RU1/RU2 - Cannot boot predefined PCs created with static IPs to PXE


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After updating to 8.1 RU1, Predefined computers created with Static IP addresses cannot be imported via the console or CSV file. Because the computers do not show up in the console (nor in the the 'Pre-Defined Computer' filter) these systems cannot PXE boot using the preboot specified for 'Predefined Computers' on the NBS General Settings page.



The predefined computers do not show up in the 'Predefined Computers' page.


A change was made in the filter named 'Pre-defined computers' to accomodate changes made in 'TECH240515'.  This issue is a side affect of this change.



DS 8.1 RU1/RU2


This issue is currently under investigation by development.

There are two workarounds available:

  1. Create predefined records with a dynamic IP address
  2. Update the 'Pre-defined Computers' filter using the XML file attached to this KB
    1.  Download 'Pre-defined Computers.xml' to the NS
    2.  Navigate to 'Manage > Filters'
    3. Expand 'Software Filters'
    4. Right click on 'Agent and Plug-in Filters' and select 'import'.  Select the XML file downloaded in step 1.


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