Symantec Data Center Security 6.7 MP1 Hotfix files


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Data Center Security Server Advanced


This document was created to hold the hotfixes for Symantec Data Center Security (SDCS) 6.7 MP1. 


Below are the hotfixes for the SDCS 6.7 MP1 agent. Please make sure to apply the null policy if IPS is enabled on agents before uninstalling the agent.

Upgrading the agent will require a reboot, to get more details about the hotfixes please open a support case to evaluate your environment issues.

To extract the tar.gz files use the following command

tar -xvzf 

Please follow the steps in the Planning and Deployment Guide to install or upgrade the agents. 

Planning and Deployment Guide

*The DCS 6.7 agents are only compatible with DCS 6.7.x managers. Do not use the DCS 6.7 agents with older manager versions.*


MD5SUM_agent64-linux-rhel7_6.7.0.1068.txt get_app
MD5SUM_agent64-linux-rhel6_6.7.0.1068.txt get_app
agent64-linux-rhel7_6.7.0.1068.tar.gz get_app
agent64-linux-rhel6_6.7.0.1068.tar.gz get_app