Windows 2016 agent registration failure on Solaris-SPARC ESM Manager


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Control Compliance Suite Windows


On a Solaris-SPARC computer on which ESM Manager was installed, the CCS Windows 2016 agent registration failed.


The issue occurs because infrastructure support for Windows 2016 agent is not available by default in ESM Product Update 11.0.5. If you try to register the Windows 2016 agent on ESM 11.0.5 using GUI, registration fails because of this version incompatibility. To resolve this issue, refer to the steps mentioned in the Solution section.


Before you follow the workaround steps, make sure that you install the following prerequisites:

  • Symantec Enterprise Security Manager 11.0.5 on Solaris-SPARC computer
  • Symantec ESM Console 11.0.3 or later
  • CCS agent for Windows 2016


Refer to the following steps to resolve the issue:

Steps to perform on ESM Manager

  1. Copy the w16s-ix64 folder (from the Download Files section) to the following location on the Solaris-SPARC manager machine:


          (The w16s-ix64 folder contains the content for the Windows 2016 platform.)

  1. Copy the CCSPlatformData.xml file provided with this fix and replace it with the CCSPlatformData.xml file present at the following location on the ESM computer:


  1. Import Windows 2016 content to the ESM Manager.

To import the content, do the following:

  1. Copy the importcontent.conf file provided with the fix to the following location on the Solaris-SPARC ESM Manager machine:


  1. Import the content of Windows 2016 on Solaris-SPARC Manager machine by running the following commands:
  • cd  /esm/bin/<OS subdir>
  • ./importcontent  -m <Manager IP> -U <UserName> -P <Password> -L su

Steps to perform on Windows 2016 agent computer

  1. Go to the following location:

cd <ESM Directory>\bin\w16s-ix64

  1. Run the following command:

register.exe –m <manager> -U <username> -P <password> -A

Step to perform on ESM console

  1. Copy the CCSPlatformData.xml file provided with this fix, and replace it with the CCSPlatformData.xml file present in the console directory.

Note: If you face the similar issue while registering any other CCS agent on a Solaris-SPARC ESM Manager, the workaround steps would be similar as listed earlier. For downloadable files for any other CCS agent, contact Symantec Technical Support.

The first policy run on a newly registered agent is completed, but the status of the policy run on the ESM console is displayed as 'Running.' In this case, you must manually stop the policy and run it again. No such issue is observed in the later policy runs.

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