PDF attachments have fonts stripped by Disarm


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Messaging Gateway


The Messaging Gateway (SMG) Disarm feature may be configured to strip various types of content from PDF attachments including fonts. In some cases, SMG 10.6.3 is stripping fonts from PDF attachments during Disarm processing even though font stripping is not enabled in the configuration. This results in PDF text content appearing as a series of variably sized dots rather than the expected text.


Disarm processing is stripping fonts from PDF attachments even though configuration shows font stripping as disabled.


Messaging Gateway 10.6.3


This issue may be addressed by applying patch 268 to SMG 10.6.3 or by updating to SMG 10.6.4.

Applying patch 268 to Messaging Gateway 10.6.3

  • ALERT2416 - Patch 10.6.3-268 released for Messaging Gateway
  • TECH246891 - Installing and removing patches for Messaging Gateway

Updating to Messaging Gateway 10.6.4 or later

  • HOWTO126511 - Updating Symantec Messaging Gateway software