Email Quarantine error: Unable to load preview
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Email Quarantine error: Unable to load preview


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Quarantine portal users are unable to preview any emails that are listed in quarantined queue


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  • Email Quarantine Portal


Email Quarantine users can view the subject lines of emails, preview email text content, and delete emails.

To define what is visible in summary notifications

  1.  Select Email Services > Email Quarantine.
  2.  In the Visibility section, check the items that you want to be visible to your users.
    • Check Users can preview message content within the Email Quarantine interface.

      Other options are availaible and need to be consider as well, based on the configuration requirement such as:
      • Users can view subject lines within the Email Quarantine interface. 
      • Users can delete messages within the Email Quarantine interface.
  3.  Click Save & Exit to apply the settings.

After making any changes in the Symantec.Cloud Management portal for quarantine settings, please allow upto 1 hour for the changes to take effect.

Note: Email Quarantine settings apply at the global level or at the domain level. Quarantine settings would not apply at the anti-spam group level settings.